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I love making these scrappy log cabin quilts but I forget how labor intensive they are. This one is made from strips of colorful polka dots and a rainbow of satins. I have enough material left to make roughly thirty thousand of these. 

For sale here. 

Making improvised log cabin blocks with satin strips and lots of dots.

Before and After. She snuck in her dog door like this and I thought a giant walking mud bog was stalking me.

I’ve spent the last week or so finishing up some bigger projects… so I can justify starting some new bigger projects. This is one of them. This is a patchwork quilt made from Amy Butler’s “Belle” collection and at 80” x 86” she’s a handful. Armful. Wrap it around yourself and trip over it-ful. Backed in light gray Kona cotton, bound in brown. For sale here. 

I finished another shot cotton quilt. Every time I finish one it’s all I can do to list it for sale. This one was even tougher to list because I backed it in fluffy fleece so it’s basically a narcotic. 

56” x 60”. A great size for couch napping. Improvised blocks made from more than 40 different colors. Backed and wrap-bound in light gray fleece. For sale here

Q: Why do the Lannisters have such big beds?

A: They push two twins together to make a king. 

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Finished DG monogram. Approx 15 or so hours. Point de Beauvais in gold and silver DMC Diamant thread and ombre fil dentelles.

This is breathtaking. Just gorgeous.

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