I love my skin!


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Amazon Instant has added all seasons of 90210! I found out too late to download enough episodes to watch on the plane but watching early season 2 has gotten me excited to watch the rest! (Man, the acting in seasons 1 & 2 is so bad!!)

As opposed to the later seasons when they won all their Emmys.

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U2s been giving their shit music away for free for over 30 years

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I had a chicken and mozzarella panini and saved the chili for a snack on the way home.

I was in a meeting today and I’d been instructed ahead of time to “bring a bagged lunch”. I brought nothing, I couldn’t mentally work it out.

I understand lunch, I understand bags, I understand which foods are portable and are typically consumed at lunch— and I’ve packed myself probably eight THOUSAND lunches to take to work over the course of my life— but I guess I’ve been out of the “bring yourself something to eat” game long enough that last night I just sat in front of the refrigerator like, “I don’t know… a quart of milk, maybe? A raw egg? Twenty-five tortillas! AN ONION AND FOUR MARSHMALLOWS!”

I was one of the younger people in the meeting; everyone older than me was somehow even more clueless, which was heartening. The woman sitting next to me brought— I shit you not— lettuce in a bag with a ranch dressing packet and a fork. Another woman brought a thing of grapes, and I mean a thing, like the whole THING, the whole branch— not a baggie of grapes or a tupperware bowl, I mean her arm went elbow-deep into a handbag and came out with ALL the grapes attached to it like her purse was a Michael Kors cornucopia. A couple of women my age brought the same food they sent with their kids to first grade so someone’s mom named Misty had a pudding cup. 

We were all laughing about the lunch situation and our collective inability to figure out “bring a lunch” even though we’re all well into adulthood and have admittedly mastered the concept of lunchtime and lunchtime provisions both for ourselves and for others in the past. At one point during the meeting the facilitator mentioned there was a cafe on site that sold sandwiches and drinks and every one of us was like YOU’RE FUCKING KIDDING ME WHY DID I BRING THIS CAN OF BEANLESS CHILI THEN? 


he is SO handsome! and seems so big! great job, momma!

Pics of him by himself totally make him seem big! It cracks me up. He IS gaining weight and growing, but is still quite small. And, it would appear, confused by selfies.

Holy shit— of all of my favorite pictures of him, this is my FAVORITE favorite. His little face! Agh!

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Years later and I’m still using this unbelievably simple YouTube tutorial to curl my hair. It’s without a doubt the easiest and quickest way to curl hair I’ve ever tried. I’m cutting it off on Wednesday— I’ve worn it this way for a while now and it’s time for something shorter and less heavy. But if someone out there is looking for a quick and dirty way to curl a lot of hair, try this. 


Lately I am feeling old. Ancient.

Timer just went off. I checked in the oven and said, out loud…

"We’ll let it cook for V more minutes."

I said ‘V’


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I’ve been sitting on two different great dragon fabrics for a while and I finally hacked into them. I like how the center panel could tell any number of stories. 

For sale here

Spoonflower is now printing their designs on satin and my Paypal account just threw up blood.